The making of art is nothing but a series of highs and lows. It is the search for the highs that enables the painter to continue. There is nothing more beautiful, or frightening, than the minimal perfection of a white canvas. Each mark one makes is a risk. The elusive, and sometimes forgiving attributes of any medium coax me to continue. Keeping paint friendly is my goal, I know it can turn on me at any moment.

My work is about journey. The viewer embarks on a voyage across an abstract landscape, being urged on through a series of parallel elements. The nautical chart plays a significant role in guiding one’s eye across the picture plane. A destination is revealed by a reference to place, or degree of latitude and longitude. Measurement helps to mark the steps of the voyage, while found objects evoke memories of past experience. A sense of mystery is launched, only to be resolved by the viewer. Architectural references, and controlled edges are played against layered painterly surfaces establishing a tension between texture and design. The use of repeated forms help to provide a sense of rhythm, or a visual drumbeat to move the eye on a passage across the composition.


The sea is my muse, it is ever changing and arcane. It’s inherent strength, and calm need not always be described in a representational format. By working abstractly, I foster the hope that each interaction with my work will be fresh, and that the story continues to be told. Like the sea, it is this sense of change that keeps the work alive.


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